Great Reasons To Start Vaping

There are many types of stimulants on the planet and they are all different. The most widely used is caffeine, which can be found in coffee, tea, sodas and a variety of medications. The second most common type of stimulant is nicotine, which is incredibly powerful. One of the richest sources of nicotine is tobacco cigarettes. Over a billion people around the world smoke cigarettes to get this powerful stimulant into their system. Please note that nicotine can also be used as a sedative. That is why smokers normally feel like smoking when they are stressed. As you might have already heard, smoking kills, so it is important for smokers to stop smoking and find healthier ways of getting their nicotine dose, whether as a stimulant or a sedative. After all, tens of millions of people die annually due to smoking-related illnesses.

Why Switch to Vaping?

i) It’s a Healthier Option

Smoking cigarettes is harmful in so many ways. First, the smoke affects the smoker directly. This is because it contains many types of harmful chemicals, some of which have been linked to cancer. There are also harmful gasses that are known to cause different types of medical conditions. Secondly, the secondary smoke, which is just as harmful as the primary smoke can affect anyone who is around the smoker. For instance, if a parent smokes inside the house, everyone in the family will be affected adversely. Since vaping or use of electronic cigarettes does not come with either primary or secondary smoke, you can avoid getting lung cancer as well as other health problems that have been linked to smoking.

ii) It’s Convenient

Vaping is a more convenient option for getting your nicotine dose compared to smoking electronic cigarettes. This is because you can use it in many places where cigarette smoking has been prohibited. For instance, you can vape at a bus station or while walking in the street because your vaping will not affect the public. With traditional cigarettes, you have to look for a smoking zone or a washroom to smoke whenever you need some nicotine in your system.

iii) It’s Affordable

Compared to buying traditional cigarettes on a regular basis, vaping is a much more affordable option. This is because you only need to buy e-juice and e-liquid every now and then, and this is much cheaper than buying one or two packs of cigarettes daily. Over time, you can save a considerable amount of money from vaping compared to smoking cigarettes.

iv) It’s an Efficient Way of Getting Nicotine

When someone is smoking tobacco cigarettes, their main goal is to get nicotine into their system. However, this requires them to inhale smoke, which contains some harmful gasses as well as soot. This is an inefficient way to get nicotine into your system. With vaporizers or e-cigs, you get pure nicotine in form of a mist or vapor, which is a much more efficient way of getting your nicotine.

What to Consider When Buying an Electronic Cigarette like Juul?

1. Brand

It is always a great idea to choose trusted brands like Juul because they have been tried and tested over time. By simply reading reviews written by both experts and consumers, you can learn about the reputation of the top brands as well as the attributes of some of the e-cig products they offer. This will help you to make an informed decision.

2. Features

The features that come with an e-cig product matter a great deal. You want an e-cig with the longest lasting battery and is known to be safe. After all, some batteries are known to explode during charging or use. You also want an e-cig that has indicators to show the level of power in the battery as well as the flow rate of the nicotine mist. The type of cartridge your e-cig contains should also be considered. To make your work easier, be sure to make a list of ecig products that have met all your requirements.

3. Pricing

Obviously, you do not want to spend an unreasonable amount of money on the e-cig or vape. Therefore, you should only buy a product that is competitively priced. Start by checking the prices quoted by different vendors for the e-cig products on your list. By comparing these prices, you can easily find the most competitively priced product that is guaranteed to give you the greatest value for your money.