Juul Coupon Code: The Luxury Electronic Cigarettes

Part of the appeal of regular cigarettes is that they are small and light. They can be carried anywhere without much thought or effort. They are also simple in design yet stylish in their own way. There have been many attempts to create e-cigs that mimic their analog counterpart’s design to ease the transition for the masses. However, these models tend to be severely limited in their performance and features. People had to migrate to APVs or mods to get a better vaping experience, though these tend to be bulky and awkward. One company is trying to bridge the gap, and do a great job with the coupon codes that they offer.

The Juul Difference With Coupon Codes

Juul sells electronic cigarettes that look and feel different from the rest of the products on the market. There is a distinct emphasis on style that should turn heads wherever they may be. This is a device that you will not be ashamed to take out in public. In fact, you might get a lot of questions once others see you using it. That’s because it’s a radical departure from the typical cylindrical shape which dominates the e-cig space. Juul doesn’t want to look like a pen or disguise itself as an analog tobacco. It takes pride in being an actual modern digital cigarette.

You will see this in the straight lines and metallic sheen. It is also evident in the smoothness of the surfaces and the choice of muted colors. There is just no room for excess, unnecessary curves, and flashy elements. Its beauty lies in its simplicity. It actually looks more like a long USB stick because of its rectangular shape. Indeed, it is no coincidence as it has a close affinity to this type of port. Unlike most entry-level ecigs, this one has replaceable e-liquids called pods. Once a pod has run out of juice, you don’t have to get another device. You can simply replace the pod which saves a lot of money.

How Juul Started

JUUL is the brainchild of two experienced product designers. They co-founded the company after they resolved to quit cigarette smoking. They were long-time smokers who were beginning to feel the effects of the habit. They knew that the road did not hold good things for them if they continued on their path. The search for an alternative started and they tried a lot of products in the market. However, none of them appealed to them in terms of product design. They sought to remedy the situation themselves by drawing on their decades of experience to create a more attractive option.

It’s not just about the design, though. This is the core competence of the two founders but they were able to go beyond form to provide the product with meaningful substance. For example, they ensured that the temperature regulator is able to produce just the right amount of heat to provide a satisfying experience. They have also chosen to use nicotine salts from tobacco leaf instead of free-base nicotine. This results in better blood absorption so that users can get their fix with just a small amount. The charging method is also ingenious with the device, true to its form, attaches to USB ports.

Juul Coupons & Pricing

Despite all of its advanced features and attractive design, the device remains fairly affordable to the masses. Each kit can be bought for just $34.99 without coupons which shouldn’t be too hard to part with. This price includes one rechargeable JUUL device and one USB charger. A one-year warranty covers the hardware. Note that the kit does not include the pods. These are sold separately to allow each buyer to get his or her preferred flavors. The device needs to be connected to the charger by its end. The holes will match the pins. Just plug the charger into a USB port such as the ones found on your computer.

The Juul Pods Pricing

There are currently five different flavors that you can get from JUUL. These are some of the most popular ones in general so the selected, though limited, should please a lot of users. They include mango, cool mint, Virginia tobacco, fruit medley, and crème brulée. They are differentially by pod color with orange, green, brown, pink, and yellow, respectively. You can get them for $15.00 for every pack of four. Each of the pods is the equivalent of one pack of regular cigarettes. They are good for 200 puffs a piece and have 5% nicotine by weight. Customers are limited to purchasing 15 packs per month.

Free Juul Shipping Requirements

You can get the pods with free shipping for orders that are over $34. This is for random purchases. You can also sign up for auto-shipping wherein the company delivers pods to your address on a monthly schedule. Those who sign up for this service can enjoy free shipping on all orders, regardless of total amount. The pack limit is also increased from 15 to 25 which makes it suitable for those who are heavy vapers or people who like to share pods with friends. Note that is only an introductory offer so avail of it while you can. Taxes will vary by location.

Juul Coupons

Further savings can be enjoyed by using Juul coupons upon checkout. The company publishes a few codes every so often so keep your eyes peeled for these promos. You can get 10% discount on the total price or more depend on the code.