Top 6 Benefits Of Vaping Over Tobacco Smoking

Tobacco is known to kill over six million people globally every year. Smoking continues to remain the single largest cause of premature death in the world. Even with strict restrictions on smoking in public places, as well as advertisement of tobacco-based products, surveys show us that there is no stopping the increase in the average number of youngsters taking up the habit every year, around the world.
Given this scenario, there is some hope on the horizon, thanks to the arrival of electronic cigarettes or e-cigarettes. They are basically devices which have nicotine-containing propylene glycol. This e-liquid is used to create a vapor, which is inhaled, just as in the case of ordinary cigarettes. Since vapors are inhaled the process of smoking these cigarettes is known as ‘vaping’. In the last few years, an entire culture has evolved around vapers.
Wise switch
An increasing number of smokers are shifting to e-cigarettes in their attempt to quit smoking. But how far are electronic cigarettes a safer option than the traditional cigarettes is the question. The first thing that needs to be looked into is the wide variety of carcinogens that emanate from tobacco smoke. Research shows that there are thousands of harmful chemicals that are inhaled by smokers when smoking conventional cigarettes. Research also shows that out of these around 80 odds are known to be cancer-causing agents.
Lower number of carcinogens
How do e-cigarettes figure in comparison? While no kind of smoking is without risks, e-cigarettes are considered to be a lesser risky proposition than conventional cigarettes. Recent research carried out shows that the arteries of the heart showed a clear stress response when exposed to tobacco smoke. However, with e-cigarettes, they showed little to no such response.
Similarly, with the respect to carcinogens produced, it has been found that it is only when the vaping is done at a high temperature that it results in the formation of formaldehyde, a known carcinogen. However, smoking e-cigarettes at moderate temperatures do not lead to the formation of formaldehyde.
Help to quit smoking
As mentioned earlier, the biggest reason behind the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes is because they help in quitting smoking. Since the amount of nicotine is very small as compared to conventional cigarettes, gradually smokers can get rid of their dependence on the habit.
While there are other aids for quitting smoking such as nicotine patches and lozenges, the e-cigarette offers a major advantage over them. This is because they ‘feel’ just like conventional cigarettes. Since a lot of the smoking habit has got to do with the strong psychological connect that smokers have with the habit and its rituals, the feeling of holding the cigarettes between their fingers and smoking, e-cigarettes offer a safer alternative. Moreover, with an e-cigarette they can always gradually decrease the nicotine content, finally leading to completely quitting the dreaded habit.
Variety of flavors
Another reason why a lot of vapers are making the switch is that of the variety of flavors that electronic cigarettes offer. While there are many who switch because of the variety, there is sometimes another added benefit because of the flavors. The switch to flavored smoke is sometimes not enjoyed by smokers who have been used to the taste of tobacco for years together. This leads them to frustration and forces them to quit their habit of smoking in many cases.
Minimally invasive
Unlike the case of cigarette smoke which is often disliked by non-smokers, thanks to the strong odor and the nature of cigarettes to produce a residue, e-cigarettes are minimally invasive. First of all, there is no “side stream” emission that emanates from them as in the case of cigarette smoke. In fact, some of the flavors are considered pleasant even by non-smokers.
Less addictive
Many long-time smokers have found that after becoming vapers they can abstain from the smoking habit for long periods of time, even if they are not able to completely quit the habit. They have reported that they have developed their willpower to an extent where they can go for days or months together without smoking and return to vaping once in a while. A vast majority of vapers have reported having significantly reduced their nicotine intake thanks to the advent of these alternatives to cigarettes.